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5 Signs It's Time For A Full Kitchen Remodel

by Camila Holland

Full kitchen remodeling may sound a bit drastic. In many cases, you can get by with some simple improvements like refacing the cabinets or replacing the countertops. However, every kitchen is going to get to the point where a full kitchen remodel is going to make the most sense. If you notice these five signs, the time to go all in has come.

Failing Systems

Especially as a kitchen ages, its basic systems may start to fail. The plumbing or drain lines could burst, for example. Worse, the leakage from those failed components could cause the damage to spread. Pretty soon, you're looking at rotten floors because water is seeping into the wood everywhere in the kitchen.

At that point, a contractor is probably going to have to rip up much of the room. Rather than doing the job piecemeal, it may be better to commit to a full kitchen remodel. Similar signs may include failing electrical or lighting systems. Also, the failure of several major appliances might justify full kitchen remodeling.

Dated Appearance

Particularly if someone previously did a full kitchen remodel several decades ago, the whole kitchen may have a dated appearance. You probably don't want to have new features clashing with older ones. For example, it'll probably be weird to have a countertop from the 1980s next to a modern backsplash. If the whole kitchen is dated, then you should commit to a total remodel.

Significant Disruption

Many kitchens control the traffic flow through at least part of the house. If you have to remodel the kitchen, there's going to be lots of disruption. This is a case where it may be better to cut deep and cut once. A full kitchen remodel will ensure that you won't have to face another disruption in a few years. If you redo the flooring and the island now, for example, it could be a bigger pain to redo the cabinets and appliances later. Homeowners often elect to do it all in one shot to minimize the long-term disruption of renovations.

Resale Value

Full kitchen remodeling is also appealing if you're renovating the house for sale. A total remodel will ensure that the kitchen is visually coherent. Buyers will see it as a unit, and that should help the home's resale value.

Major Redesign

Finally, you should go all-in if you're going to radically redesign the kitchen. Taking out an island and opening up a wall to the dining room, for example, are major choices. Once you've decided to do one big thing, it might be best to do it all.

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