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Convenience Features For Kitchen Cabinets

by Camila Holland

Deep cupboard shelves, pull-out drawers, and under-cabinet lighting are some characteristics that your new kitchen cabinets can feature. These custom features will streamline your storage efforts and improve efficiency within the kitchen.

Deep Shelves

Adding too many items to a cabinet that won't adequately support them can make a kitchen atmosphere very disorganized.

Custom cabinets that contain deep shelves are designed exactly as standard cabinets are. The larger cabinets will look the same but will provide the extra space that is needed to stack dishes or lay cookware across each interior shelf.

Your remodeling contractor will measure the cabinets that are currently in your kitchen. They will determine how far the new cabinetry will extend outward, plus will consult with you about how many interior shelves you would like added to each cabinet.

Pull Out Drawers

Modern cabinetry designs include a mix of cabinets and pull-out drawers. Pull-out drawers can be color-matched to the upgraded cabinets that your remodeling contractor will be installing in your kitchen. The new drawers can also be designed to support the storage of specific items.

Consider what types of items you would like within reach while you are preparing meals. A pull-out drawer that houses a small waste can, for example, could prove to be handy while you are peeling vegetables or performing another task that requires you to throw waste items away.

Tell your remodeling contractor about the storage types that you are seeking. Your contractor can design custom drawers that contain slots, interior racking systems, or other accessories that will keep items organized within the drawers. Pull-out drawers will each contain a track system that will support easily pulling out a drawer.

Under Cabinet Lighting

The concentrated beam of light that an under cabinet bulb emits will improve visibility while performing complex cooking tasks. Under cabinet lighting will also improve the aesthetics within the kitchen.

If your current cabinetry lacks lighting, consider how adding new lighting can improve the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.

Your contractor will show you many lighting designs that may use LED light tubes or bulbs. LED products are energy efficient. LED lights last much longer than outdated halogen products. Lighting products that you may want to consider include light strips, recessed bulbs, and LED light bars. Your contractor will demonstrate how the lighting will look once it is secured to the underside of the new cabinetry.

For more information on custom kitchen cabinets, contact a company near you.