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4 Remodeling Projects That Make Your Bathroom Easier To Clean

by Camila Holland

When you own a home, you may put considerable time, effort, and value into cleaning because you want the place to look and feel nice for your family. However, you might not like how much effort you must invest in cleaning certain rooms, such as the bathroom your family often uses.

A smart solution is to change and improve the room with cleaning in mind. For instance, you can replace features and add new ones that will reduce cleaning responsibilities.

Groutless Flooring

The flooring is an essential feature and one you must clean regularly. Tile flooring is usually low in upkeep because the tile slabs are easy to maintain. However, you may not like that the grout can pick up extra dirt and grime and require a different cleaning process than the tile. You can solve this issue by installing new flooring without grout, such as hardwood, laminate, or vinyl.

This change will help ensure the flooring has the same cleanliness level, whether clean or dirty. Also, you can use the same cleaning methods and products for the whole flooring.

Frameless Shower

Working on the shower is also helpful, especially when you are willing to upgrade to a frameless shower. Getting rid of the frame will make a huge difference because this part is one of the trickiest features to clean inside your bathroom. The frame often includes a shower track, which is difficult to clean and has a high risk of mildew from water buildup.

As soon as you install a frameless shower, you will only need to clean the shower door and walls, which are straightforward to handle.

Undermount Sink

While looking at different bathrooms, you may find a wide variety of sinks. An excellent sink to change to is an undermount design for reduced upkeep. An undermount sink has no lip around the vanity top, which means debris and water cannot get stuck under the lip. You will also like sliding dirt and debris into the sink with a cloth, sponge, or paper towel.

Vanity Hardware

Some bathroom vanities omit hardware for various reasons. However, this makes it harder to clean the vanity because fingerprints and messes get on the drawers and cabinet doors. An easy solution is to invest in knobs or pulls you can grab onto to open cabinets and drawers. This change means you will only need to worry about cleaning the hardware regularly.

Invest in these bathroom changes to reduce cleaning demands. To get started, contact a bathroom remodel service in your area.