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Top Shower Remodeling Tips You Shouldn't Ignore

by Camila Holland

Have you decided that your shower needs renovation? Maybe the fixtures are too old, or you need to expand the shower area to suit your family's requirements. Whatever your reasons, it's vital to ensure the results are outstanding. This is particularly vital if you intend to increase the value of the property.

Unfortunately, there isn't a magic shower remodeling formula for everyone to use. But, there are specific guidelines you can consider to make the process easier. Here are some tips you shouldn't overlook.

Get a Suitable Shower Head

A showerhead is one of the vital bathroom fixtures you may need to change during shower renovations. These showerheads come in various forms, so learning a few things about them can help you make an informed decision. 

One option you may consider is the adjustable or detachable shower head. These showerheads are hand-held and allow you to shower in various ways. Some brands even allow users to adjust the water pressure multiple times. 

If you'd like to reduce water usage, you can choose the water-efficient shower heads. These restrict water flow and aren't suitable if you have low water pressure. Other types include rain showers, double, and high-pressure shower heads.

Pick an Ideal Shower Door

If you were previously using a shower curtain, you may opt to upgrade and get a shower door instead. Frameless glass shower doors are a popular choice because of their unique benefits. For instance, they are durable, give the bathroom an elegant appearance, and promote the penetration of natural light, making the bathroom appear spacious. Maintaining this door is also easier than other doors.

They also come in various styles like hinged, bi-fold, sliding, or rounded. The glass material used to make the doors can also be customized into different designs. It can be clear, textured, tinted, or frosted. 

Prioritize Slip-Proof Floors

It's easy to slip and fall while taking a shower if the surface is smooth. So, you will need slip-proof flooring to prevent such accidents and keep everyone in your family safe. Smaller tiles are often skid resistant since they have many grout lines. Tiles with grippy surfaces are even more suitable. 

A good rule of thumb is to choose a matte-finish tile that's textured or sandy like natural rough stone or unglazed quarry tile. Those who prefer larger tiles should look out for the dynamic coefficient of friction rating before buying the tiles. You can choose any shade or design, provided it suits your bathroom décor needs.

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