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3 Ways To Improve Your Entryway With Home Remodeling Services

by Camila Holland

Living in a house you own for many years gives you plenty of time to upgrade various features and rooms. At this point, most of your home may be upgraded in some way, shape, or form. However, the entryway is one area that you may still need to work on. Hiring home remodelers and prioritizing specific projects can give you the excellent outcome you desire.

Front Door

A great feature to work on is the front door because it can impact both the inside and outside. For instance, you can replace the front door and instantly boost curb appeal. A smart move is to choose a bold color and intricate design to make your front door and entryway look special.

An intricately detailed front door with stained glass might give your home a luxurious look that you have achieved throughout most other rooms. Another thing you can do is upgrade functionality by installing smart locks to improve accessibility for everyone. Smart locks allow you to make PIN codes to give to family and close friends to get inside without a key.


When you analyze your entryway, you may find that it lacks lighting. A quick and simple solution is to add a floor lamp or table lamp to the area. However, you may prefer permanent solutions, which you can accomplish by installing new windows and lighting fixtures.

Any window will provide natural light through indirect sun exposure. But you can be strategic with window placement to get direct sunlight exposure and ample lighting overall. A remodeling company can analyze your entryway to determine the optimal place for windows.

Alternatively, you can install small windows above or on the sides of your front door to allow a bit of light inside while also providing visibility to the outside entryway. You may like standing at your front door and looking outside to see who is there before opening the door.


In a mostly carpeted home, you might find that the entryway gets dirty faster than the other rooms and areas. This often happens because family and guests may walk in with dirty shoes, and most of the dirt and grime come off around the entryway. A reliable solution is to install hard flooring, such as hardwood, laminate, tile, or vinyl, around the front door on the inside.

This change will reduce how much dirt and grime gets on the carpet in your home. You can even make a house rule to take off shoes at the entryway to keep your carpet extra clean.

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