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Remodeling Your Home To Improve Heating Performance

by Camila Holland

A remodeling project can be an opportunity to revitalize the appearance of your home, but it can also be an opportunity to make some functional benefits to it as well. In particular, a remodeling project can provide you with an opportunity to dramatically improve the overall performance of your heating system.

Conduct A Heating Audit Before Creating The Remodeling Designs

Before starting the design for the remodeling project, you should have a heating audit of the structure completed. This type of audit will allow you to identify the areas of the home that are having the largest impact on the overall efficiency of the heating system. A common example of this can be walls that are not sufficiently insulated as this could allow heat transfer to occur. A professional heating contractor can use thermal imaging systems to allow them to see the areas of the home where the most heat transfer is occurring. By having this assessment done before you start designing the remodeling project, you can be sure to address these issues as part of the project.

Have The Heating System's Condition Evaluated

The overall condition of your heating system can be another factor that you will want to assess before begging the preparations for a major remodeling project. In some cases, you may find that the heating system has suffered extensive wear that may impact its performance. If this is the case with your system, there can be advantages to committing a portion of your remodeling budget to replace the heating unit. In addition to providing you with immediate benefits in terms of the heat output of the system, the cost savings that this performance improvement may provide can be substantial over the years that you own the heating system.

Improve Interior Air Circulation

Including upgrades in the remodeling project that will be able to improve the air circulation in the house can be a step that will also enhance the performance of your heating system. This is due to the ability of improved air circulation to better distribute the warm air that the heating system is producing. If your rooms have poor air circulation, the warm air may be trapped near the ceiling which will do you little good. However, placing ceiling fans and other features that can improve air movement will help to break up these thermal layers so that the warm air is spread more evenly throughout the interior structure of the home. 

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