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Signs That You Need To Replace Your Home Windows

by Camila Holland

Home windows are an integral part of your house, but they're not a component that people replace often. This is because windows last a long time, and you might not ever need to replace yours, depending on your house. However, there are some signs you can watch for that help you know when it's time to replace yours. Are you ready to learn these signs? Here are some of them:

The windows contain moisture

Have you ever tried to clean your windows only to find that they won't get clean? If this happens, it might be due to moisture buildup inside the windows. Moisture that enters the windows might get trapped between the panes. Moisture also damages the wood around windows. If your windows are old and have moisture trapped in them, you might want to start thinking about window replacement.

You can feel air coming through

Secondly, do you ever feel air coming through them? While most windows leak some air, they shouldn't leak much air. However, old windows tend to leak more air than new ones. Older windows aren't as strong as newer windows. If your home is drafty from your windows, you might want to get a quote for replacing them.

You can't lock them

As windows age, they become hard to open and close. In many cases, the homeowners can't lock them when they get too old. If you struggle to open, close, or lock your windows, it can be a safety hazard in your house.

You're paying more than necessary for home energy costs

Additionally, rising energy bills can also indicate that it's time for new windows. Again, older windows tend to be draftier, which means they cause you to lose more air. When you lose heat through your windows in the winter, your furnace works harder to heat your home. The same is true in the summer with cool air.

You're planning on selling your house

If you see any of the signs listed here and want to sell your house, investing in new windows is a good move. If your windows are old and outdated, the new buyer might offer a lower amount for your house. Additionally, the home inspector will note this fact on the home inspection report, informing the buyer that the house needs new windows. If you'd like a quote for window replacement, contact a contractor that offers this service.