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Things To Consider When Deciding Whether To Add On A Bedroom

by Camila Holland

If your home has one less bedroom than you really want or need, you might be thinking of having an extra bedroom added on. In some cases, this can be easier than moving to another home. You don't have to pack everything up, house hunt, or negotiate a new mortgage. However, having a bedroom added to your home is a big endeavor, and you should certainly spend some time contemplating this decision before you make the leap. Here are some things to consider as you do.

The addition may require changes to your HVAC system

Adding a new bedroom by itself is easier than adding on a bathroom or a kitchen since you won't need to have plumbing run to the new room. But you will need to connect the room to your home's HVAC system. Make sure you have the contractors look at your HVAC and tell you how big of a job it will be before you sign a contract to have the room added. Sometimes, it might be as simple as running a new duct. Other times, you may have to replace your furnace because your current one doesn't have the capacity to heat more space. It's best to know what the costs will be and what work needs to be done from the get-go.

You'll need to pull permits

In almost every area, you need to pull building permits in order to build onto your home. The building contractors you hire might take care of this, or they may leave it up to you. Have a discussion with them beforehand so that you can pull permits as needed. If you fail to get the appropriate building permits, you may have to pay a fine.

Your home's flow might be affected

Talk to the builder about the locations where you could feasibly add the bedroom. You may not be able to put it next to the other bedrooms. Once you know what your options are, consider how placing a bedroom there will affect the flow through your home. For instance, if you put a bedroom off one side of the kitchen, that might mean people walk through your kitchen more often while you're cooking, which could be good or bad.

Adding another bedroom to your home can change your living situation for the better. Just make sure you plan ahead for permits, HVAC changes, and changes to the traffic flow in your home as you work with your room addition contractor.