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How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

by Camila Holland

If you want to renovate your small bathroom but don't have room to expand it, you can still make it look bigger. Here are the steps you can take.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great ways to make small bathrooms look bigger. Mirrors can reflect light from other areas of your bathroom, making it appear larger than it actually is. Your eyes also perceive the open spaces in the mirrors as being extra room. It's almost like having an open wall or window.

Mirrors are also useful when you're trying to make sure you look perfect. A bigger mirror can let you see more of yourself at once or get better angles than you can with a smaller mirror.

Add Extra Lighting

Adding extra lighting to your bathroom makes it seem like a much bigger room. The brightness helps to fool your eyes into thinking the space is more open and can also reduce feelings of claustrophobia.

You don't have to go out and spend money on expensive fixtures. You can simply replace your existing fixtures with a larger number of bulbs, bigger bulbs, or brighter bulbs. If your bathroom has shelves or room for a table, you can even consider adding a lamp.

Hang Curtains

Hanging curtains over your mirror or windows can help to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. The visual trick is that you feel like you can open the curtains to get more space, just like opening the curtains in front of a bigger window.

Many people even add curtains in places where there isn't actually a window. The curtains make it feel like your bathroom can open up to the outside, even if it's really a tiny closet in the middle of your basement.

Use Color

Using paint and accessories with varying bright colors can also make the space feel bigger and more open. Think about the colors in open fields, beaches, and other areas with a lot of space. Match those colors instead of darker colors that can make your bathroom feel like a cave.

Pictures are another good option. In addition to adding color, they give your eyes more to look at and can work the same as a window or mirror. You'll perceive more space and feel like you have more room than you actually do.

To learn more about how you can make your bathroom feel bigger, contact a local bathroom renovation company.