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Improving Your Bathroom With A Walk-In Tub

by Camila Holland

For individuals that have mobility issues, there are a variety of upgrades that may be needed to keep their home a safe place for them to live. Unfortunately, the bathtub is one of the more dangerous areas of the home for those with mobility issues, and this can lead to it needing to be upgraded.

A Walk-In Bathtub Can Be An Important Safety Feature

When a person is suffering from mobility issues, they may have a difficult time stepping into the bathtub due to the need to raise their foot fairly high. This can substantially increase the risk of tripping or falling for these people. A walk-in bathtub will avoid this need as it will have a door that can be opened to allow a person to easily enter the bathtub. Furthermore, these bathtubs will typically have a seat where individuals will be able to sit while still being able to stand up easily when they are finished.

Walk-In Tubs Are Designed To Keep The Risk Of A Leak Developing Low

Due to the presence of a door, a person may be worried that their bathtub will develop leaks around the doors. Not surprisingly, this concern can be enough to cause a person to avoid making this investment, but these bathtubs are designed so that the risk of them developing a leak will be extremely low. In addition to having an interlocking mechanism to secure the door, there will also be a series of seals that are installed to prevent moisture from seeping through. If you do have a small leak starting to form, this could indicate that these seals may need to be replaced, which is a quick and affordable repair to have completed.

There Are Optional Safety Features You May Want To Choose For Your Walk-In Bathtub

Despite a walk-in bathtub being a much safer option for those with mobility issues, there are other safety features that you may want to consider adding to it. An example of this could be the benefits of installing a safety railing along the perimeter of the bathtub. This will provide the user with a way to stabilize themselves as they are sitting and standing. Texturing the floor of the bathtub is another way of improving its safety as it will reduce the risk of your feet slipping when it is wet. Furthermore, you may want to place shelving near the bathtub so that you can avoid crowding it with shampoo bottles and other items. To learn more information about walk-in bathtubs, reach out to companies such as We Improve For You.