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Five Reasons To Convert Your Old Bathtub Into A Standalone Shower

by Camila Holland

If you're like many people with a small bathroom that has a standard bathtub/shower combo, you've probably often wished that you had a standalone shower. You may even find yourself using the shower exclusively instead of soaking in the tub. You'd probably love to add a standalone shower to your bathroom but don't have the room for one — and it can be time-consuming and expensive to have an addition built to accommodate a separate shower.  

If this sounds like your situation, you should consider converting your current bathtub into a standalone shower. Following are just five of the advantages you'll enjoy by going this route. 

You'll Be Safer

Most household accidents occur in the bathroom due to wet, slippery surfaces — and standard bathtubs typically don't have safety features designed to make climbing in and out of them less hazardous. Walk-in showers are far safer than bathtubs, particularly for senior citizens or those with mobility issues. Nonetheless, even those in the prime of their lives with no existing mobility challenges have been known to slip and fall while getting in or out of a bathtub. 

You'll Be Cleaner

Showers distribute water all over your body, with dirty water conveniently going down the drain. This is not the case when you take a bath — you're basically bathing in dirty water. Those who take baths often have soap residue on their skin, and this can lead to overly dry skin and even cause rashes. 

You'll Have a Bigger Shower

In most tub/shower combinations, the shower is little more than an afterthought. By removing the tub and having a customized shower installed, you'll undoubtedly wind up with a larger shower than you had before.  

You'll Spend Less Time Cleaning

You probably already know that cleaning a bathtub involves getting on your knees and scrubbing the interior surface of the tub. With a shower, however, you can quickly easily wipe down the shower walls when you're finished showering. There are even cleaning products designed to be sprayed on shower walls after each use.

You'll Be Able to Add More Amenities

Perhaps the biggest advantage to replacing your bathtub/shower combination with a standalone shower is that you'll be able to add the amenities that appeal the most to you. For instance, you can choose to have two or more separate showerheads, steam features, and shower benches where you can sit down to wash your feet or simply relax.

For more information on shower remodeling, reach out to a remodeling contractor.