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Remodeling Your Home’s Kitchen? Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

by Camila Holland

Are you in the process of remodeling your home's kitchen? If so, you are well aware of all the decisions that have to be made to make it all come together. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid making to ensure your kitchen remodeling project turns out great. 

Mistake 1: Placing The Refrigerator as a Free Standing Appliance

If you want to make your kitchen look high-end, consider building the refrigerator into the cabinet space so that it is all in line with the surrounding cabinetry. The sides of a refrigerator are not that pretty, and if you can surround it with matching wood from the cabinets it is going to help it blend in and look great. 

Mistake 2: Installing a Small Double Sink

A double sink is nice to have in a kitchen so that you can soak dishes in one half and rinse them in the other half. However, some people install a double sink in a space where they only have room for a single sink. This does not make it practical to use the sink in the way that they intended, because that sink is too small to use on either side. Go with a single sink instead, because you'll find that you are not benefiting from having a double sink that often. 

Mistake 3: Making Your Cabinets Too Small

One thing that is crucial in a kitchen is storage space, and people often skip out on making the most of the space used for their kitchen cabinets. They'll have the cabinets not go all the way to the ceiling because they want it to be a decorative element, and the smaller cabinets cost less money as well. However, know that you are losing out on that storage space with a shorter cabinet, and only gaining dead space above the cabinet. You may be able to see a crown molding up there, but it's not practical. Consider bringing the cabinets all the way to the ceiling unless you have ridiculously high ceilings in your kitchen. 

Mistake 4: Making Your Backsplash Too Short

Another mistake people make is with how high up the backsplash goes. You may think that you don't need the backsplash to extend up to the bottom of your upper cabinets or the hood above your stove, but it's a small detail that can go a long way in making your kitchen look nicer. It will be hard to extend that backsplash later, so extend it during the renovation when someone is already doing the labor of installing it for you. It can look quite dramatic having that tile extend upward, even if it costs more money. 

To avoid these or other mistakes, contact local kitchen remodeling contractors.