Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Space

Update Your Walls With Beautiful Wall Tile

by Camila Holland

Some of the walls in your home may be looking old or have noticeable damages on them, and wall tile can be added to give these walls a makeover. You can choose from many wall tile options that will look great in your home, including various custom options. Wall tiling works especially well in kitchens and bathrooms, but you might be able to add tiles to other rooms in your home as well. Tiles for walls have many advantages, and adding them to your walls can make your home a more beautiful and functional setting.

Creates the Right Theme

Wall tile can help accentuate the theme that you want for your home and give your living space more character. Whether you want darker-colored tiles for a vintage theme or tiles with vibrant colors to make your home look more modern, you can choose from a vast array of color and style options to help bring your vision to life. Multicolored tiles or tiles with stained designs can also be great if you want your walls to look artsier.  

Hassle-free Cleaning

You can cut a lot of time out of cleaning your home if you have wall tile that's easy to clean. A few swipes with a cloth can get most tiles clean with little effort. Wall tile is also resistant to stains, and any mold or mildew that may grow within the grout that's in between each tile will be easy to eliminate with the right cleaning solution. If you have kids or pets that leave messes on your walls frequently, wall tile will be an especially great choice.

Better Fire Protection

Certain tile materials, such as ceramic, are fire-resistant and can help prevent more widespread damage if a fire occurs in your home. Walls that catch on fire can spread quickly and ignite other home structures, and wall tile can help keep fires better contained. 

Resistant to Moisture

Moisture can cause major damage to walls and shorten their lifespans, and your walls can last longer thanks to the moisture-resistant properties of most types of wall tile. Even when the humidity level inside your home is high, moisture won't accumulate and linger on your walls as easily if they're covered with tiles.

Wall tile has earned a lot of positive reviews for its versatility, durability, and functionality, and you'll likely be happy with your decision if you choose this option for your walls. Wall tile experts who offer customers standard and custom wall tile selections can help you pick the tiles that will be the most suitable for your walls.