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Remodel Your Home's Exterior With Your Favorite Fandom Theme

by Camila Holland

Many types of merchandise from your favorite series are available to help you decorate the interior of your home according to your tastes. But what if you want to extend the fandom makeover to your home's exterior? Here are some options for ways you can add your fandom theme to your home's exterior renovation.

1. Choose fandom-themed paint colors

If you're planning on repainting your house, why not start by choosing a color that will go along with your theme? Depending on which fandom you've chosen, you could paint your house in your Hogwarts house colors, use police box blue, or choose some other appropriately themed color scheme.

2. Get a door makeover

Your front door is an extremely important part of your home's exterior decor. Friends, family, and even strangers will interact with the front door when they come up to your house. It's a focal point, which makes it a great target for a fandom-themed makeover.

Doors are often important in fandoms, as well. For example, performing an iconic police box door makeover can instantly identify you as a Whovian. This can be an involved DIY project, or you can leave it to the pros and have your exterior renovation contractor do the job for you.

3. Have a custom mural painted

Exterior wall murals can be a flamboyant way to add your style and personality to a home. If you're not about being subtle, you can add a wall mural featuring a scene, character, or famous quote from your favorite fandom, rather than simply painting in fandom-themed colors.

4. Install fandom roof decor

A roof decoration such as a weathervane can be a tasteful way to display your love of a particular fandom. You can get a custom weathervane made in any shape you want to display the silhouette of your favorite character from the fandom.

Or you can have a custom weathervane made in the shape of a quote or some other iconic emblem, such as a magic wand. Since climbing up on the roof yourself can be unsafe, you'll want to have your contractor install the weathervane for you.

These are just some ideas to get you started on an exterior renovation with a fandom theme. Keep in mind that if you have a homeowners association, you'll want to clear any obvious exterior changes with them first. You don't want to get fined for your fandom makeover. Get in touch with a local exterior renovation contractor today to get started on your next renovation project.