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Make Your Bathroom More Modern With A Few Upgrades

by Camila Holland

A simple and functional bathroom is all that your family needs. However, you may be ready to upgrade your bathroom with more modern features to improve satisfaction and functionality. Hire a remodeling company to enjoy guaranteed results with modernizing your bathroom.  

Whirlpool Tub

Get a whirlpool tub to improve your family's ability to relax. While you can fill a standard tub with enough water to soak in, you may not be able to submerge in water completely. A deep soaking tub is a possible solution that at least allows you to cover your entire body in water.

However, a better option is to install a whirlpool tub that provides plenty of depth and jets to give you more comfort and relaxation. You can find models with adjustable and directional jets, allowing everyone in your family to get the perfect bath based on their preferences.

Some jetted tubs have built-in seats where you can sit and read a book, watch a show, or browse through your smartphone without being too deep in the water for these activities. Consider getting one of these models if you like to do more than relax while taking a bath.

Smart Toilet

The toilet in your family bathroom may receive extensive daily use. An excellent plan is to upgrade it with a smart toilet that provides your family with more features to enjoy. These toilets have a bidet function that makes it possible to reduce or eliminate toilet paper use.

While the water from a basic bidet can come out cold, you can find smart toilets with water temperature control for a more comfortable experience. Some models also have heated seats that will come in handy during colder months when the seat is usually cold.

A smart toilet can also save you time and effort on cleaning with a self-cleaning feature. You will also be able to find models with an air freshener to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

Touchless Faucet

After using the toilet, you may head over to the sink to begin washing your hands. Turning on the water, dispensing soap, and then turning off the water can get the vanity top a little messy. You can reduce the messiness by investing in a touchless faucet for a hands-free experience.  Another great addition is a deck-mounted automatic soap dispenser to maximize cleanliness.

Upgrade your bathroom with these new features to enjoy a more modern experience. Reach out to a company like Midwest Bath Company to start your bathroom remodel.