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3 Things To Consider With A Sunroom Addition

by Camila Holland

A sunroom is a perfect space to add to your home if you like to be outside but you want to be protected from the elements simultaneously. When it comes to adding a sunroom to your home, you have many decisions to make to craft a space that you will use and enjoy regularly.

Style of Sunroom

There are various styles of sunrooms that you can add to your home. The key is to choose one that works for your climate and desires. The most common type of sunroom is a glassed-in living space attached to your home, and you can access it from your home. It is not attached to your heating and cooling system, but you can walk out a door and be sitting in a glassed-in room, enjoying the outdoors.

A four-seasons sunroom is a glassed-in structure. The difference with a four-season room is that it is designed to be heated and cooled, making it comfortable throughout the year. It generally has an independent heating and cooling system that is not connected to the rest of the home. An attached greenhouse sunroom is designed to be set up so that the light, temperature, and humidity are perfect for growing plants throughout the year. This is great if you want a green spot to hang out.

Another alternative is a screen room, where instead of having glass walls, you have mesh-screen windows that allow fresh air and keep the insects out. This type of space can only be used when the weather is agreeable outside.

Placement of Sunroom

Second, you need to determine where you want to place your sunroom. You will want to situation your sunroom so that you enjoy lots of sunlight each day and so that you can have easy access to space. The best location for your sunroom will depend upon your specific location and property setup. Choose a spot that will allow you to enjoy a good view and sunshine without getting too hot.

Material Type

Third, you need to determine what type of material you want your sunroom built from. Vinyl is a popular building option as it is strong, affordable, easy to take care of, and offers good insulation. Aluminum is another popular option due to how affordable it is. Wood is the most expensive choice, but it can also be very visually stunning.

When it comes to adding a sunroom to your home, you need to decide what style of space you want. From there, you need to think about placement and materials used to construct the space. Finally, you need to find a contractor who provides sunroom additions.