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Top 4 Advantages Of Bathroom Remodeling

by Camila Holland

Your bathroom isn't just an ordinary room. It's the place you go to after a long day's work to relax, unwind, and get clean. If the fixtures are old, the lighting is poor, or the place is so small that you cannot even move around, how will you be able to relax?

It's not surprising that many homeowners start with their bathrooms when they want to remodel their homes. If you're still wondering whether a bathroom remodeling project is worth your time, money, and effort, read on to learn some of its benefits. 

Increases Home Value

According to a recent report, a midrange bathroom remodeling project worth $24,424 has a resale value of $14,671, representing a 60.1% return. Therefore, a bathroom remodel is a smart idea if you plan to sell your home now or in the future. 

Besides, real estate agents will tell you that potential homebuyers will first check the bathroom and the kitchen before any other rooms. They'll assess the lighting, water pressure, and drainage, as well as the state of the toilet and tiles, among other things. If your bathroom is upgraded, they'll not hesitate to close the deal. 

Safety Upgrade

Your bathroom may have several safety risks if you're still living in an old home. Perhaps you're using outdated sockets that can cause electrocution when exposed to water. Or maybe the floor is too slippery, exposing you to the risk of slips and falls. If you're living with your elderly parents, perhaps they could do with some handles in the shower. 

Remember, if a guest is injured while using your shower, they could file a lawsuit against you. By remodeling your bathroom, you're protecting yourself from legal liabilities. 

Helps to Save Energy and Water

According to the EPA, if every home installed a low-flow showerhead, it would save over $1.5 billion and more than 250 billion gallons of water. You can upgrade your traditional lighting to modern LED lights that use significantly less energy. If you're still using old toilets that require several water gallons for each flush, you can upgrade to modern ones that require less than a liter. 

A professional remodeling contractor will help you choose and install the best energy- and water-saving features in your bathroom. This significantly reduces your monthly utility bills. 

Adds More Space

Perhaps you're one of those people that love to stretch while in the bathroom. Or you want to enjoy showers together with your partner on weekends. With a cramped bathroom, you may not enjoy these privileges. 

During bathroom remodeling, you can adopt a new layout that creates more space. You can also create more space to store your toiletries by embracing modern solutions like medicine cabinets, wall storage, open shelving, and storage racks. 

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