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The Composite Decking Guide For Structures And Surfaces To Add To Your Outdoor Spaces

by Camila Holland

If you want to add durable surfaces to outdoor spaces, there are a lot of choices for the materials that can be used. Today, composite decking materials include a lot more than just the decking surfaces. There are also composite deck structures and railing systems that can also be used for your project. The following guide can help you choose the right composite lumber systems for your new deck:

Start With a Basic Drawing for the Deck

You want to start your composite decking project with a sketch of the deck you are planning on building. When you are drawing the sketch, write down the measurements to scale the drawing. The drawings can then be used to create a plan for the composite deck system, which can include the structure, supports, and other features.

Options for Building the Deck Structure

Different composite deck structure systems can also be used for your deck project. These are specially designed structures that are made of hardened composite plastics. The composite materials may also have feet for the deck, where the beams or posts will sit. The composite structures are an excellent choice to cover an old patio or add a deck surface to near ground-level areas.

Composite Posts and Railing Systems for Decks

The post and railing systems of decks are other features to consider for your deck. Today, the composite railing systems can match the decking that you use for the surface of your new deck. These railings may need special baluster posts, which support them to ensure your deck is safe. There are also various models of composite railings and details that can be used to give your deck a unique design.

Choosing the Style of Composite Decking Materials

The decking materials' style is also important, and you want to use materials that are right for your deck. Today, there are several options for the style of composite decking materials that can be used. The first thing to consider is your composite decking color, which can be a plain color or custom finishes designed to look like natural wood. There are also options for composites that have treatments to make them more resistant to wear and decay. This is great for warmer climates and when your deck gets a lot of direct sunlight.   

The composite deck systems can be a great investment for your outdoor spaces. Contact a supplier of products like Timbertech composite decking systems to ask about some of these options for your deck.