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Starting A Vacation Rental? 3 Reasons To Get Help With Interior Design

by Camila Holland

After buying an investment property, you may want to begin the process of turning it into a vacation rental. If you do not have any experience with creating or running such a place, you may want to get help with various aspects to guarantee a positive outcome. A great option is hiring an interior designer as they can help out from the beginning with furnishing and decorating.


Prioritizing functionality is worth doing with a vacation rental because you want your guests to have a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Ideally, you want furniture laid out in a way that complements the surrounding features and decorations set up to avoid becoming obstacles.

If you look at the living room, your guests should not have a hard time maneuvering around the couch, coffee table, entertainment center, and side tables. A small detail such as the distance between the coffee table and sofa can make a noticeable difference regarding functionality.


While running a vacation rental, you should expect to see a lot of different reservations that range from individuals to whole families. This makes it important to accommodate as many people as you can, especially children because they are more susceptible to potential harm.

An interior designer will make sure to set up decorations in a way that does not allow children to get their hands on any pieces and knock them over. Checking for sharp furniture corners will also come in handy because they can put on soft covers or soften the edges to maximize safety.


Allowing pets can play a major role in receiving more guests throughout the year as some vacation rental owners do not allow them in their properties. Telling an interior designer that you are going to allow pets will give them the information they need to make strategic decisions.

For instance, a designer may want to set up durable furniture and decorations that will not break or get damaged as easily. A glass decoration on a shelf could get knocked over by a large dog and break, but a piece made of wood, metal, or plastic will not be as susceptible. These kinds of decisions will help to keep your home and items in great condition when guests stay with pets.

If you want your experience with running a vacation rental to go smoothly while also providing guests with an amazing stay, you should get help from an interior designer.