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Roof Remodeling Services to Improve Your Home With a New Custom Design

by Camila Holland

When you are planning on installing a new roof, you may need more than new shingles. There are options to remodel your home and give it a custom design when you have new roofing installed. The following roof remodeling services will give your home a new look when you replace the shingles:

Adding an Elegant Front Entrance Roof

The front of your home is an area where you want to invest in improvements. The entrance is a good place to start with these renovations. Some of the options to add a roof above the front entrance include:

  • Small roof covering over entrance stairs
  • Roof covering for the driveway at the front entrance
  • Complete front covered porch for the entrance of your home

These are some of the options to add a roof above the entrance to your home. The roof will be practical and improve curb appeal to add value to your home.

Changing the Plain Gable Roof With More Slopes

If your roof is a plain A-frame gable design, you want to change this. There are a lot of options to add roof slopes and details to give your home a more custom look. Some of the options to consider to change the plain look of your roof include:

  • Adding false gables and hip roof slopes
  • Building dormer roofs with windows
  • Adding architectural details like cupolas

These are some of the options to consider to change the plain look of your roof. Hips and false gables will give the roof more slopes and details for a custom design.

Adding Covered Porch Areas to Your Home

There are also a lot of options for covered porch areas. These features can be open wrap-around porches, or they can be completely enclosed areas. If you want a simple porch enclosure, the roofing contractor can install screens for a screened porch design. There are also options to make porch areas all-seasons rooms with glass windows, finishes, and mechanical systems.

Correcting Issues With Water Traps and Vulnerable Areas

There are also issues with water traps and vulnerable areas of your roof that wear out. These are areas where you will want to make changes to ensure the new roofing lasts. Correct the water trap problems and add features that make your roof less vulnerable to wear and damage.

These roof remodeling projects will help change the design of your home when new roofing is installed. Contact roofing services to get help with planning these projects when you need to replace the old shingles.