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Make Longevity The Focus When Updating A Bathroom With A Walk-In Tub

by Camila Holland

Adding a walk-in bathtub to the bathroom when you're getting older or helping to design a bathroom for elderly parents can be a great move. Instead of being let down by picking out a bathtub only to find it needs to be replaced or repaired a few years later, it's best to see what you can do to make sure that the bathtub is going to be a great update to the bathroom.

Prioritize Quality Materials First

The first thing that you'll need to do when you're concerned about the bathtub staying in the best shape with all the use it's going to get is through picking the right materials. The construction of the bath when it comes to the materials should include the tub itself, as well as any hinges and finishes.

Acrylic bathtubs are typically the most durable option and can vary quite a bit in coloring so that the appearance of the tub matches your bathroom. For finishes, such as the faucet or hinges for the door that opens and closes to the tub, you'll want to avoid plastic and look into stainless steel and other metals that are going to be durable.

Consider What Size Is an Ideal Fit

As you check out different walk-in tubs in a showroom, you need to know exactly what size of the tub is going to be the right fit. Taking measurements in your bathroom include taking note of the current bathtub, as well as the maximum size of a new bathtub that can be installed.

Being realistic over what size can be installed and how it will affect the size of the bathroom is important, while you also need to make sure the tub provides enough room inside for who will be using it.

Look Into Additional Aesthetic Features

Along with paying attention to the functionality of different bathtubs available, you need to also check what you can expect in terms of the style. While some walk-in tubs are designed mainly around functionality, it's best to look into features that can help the bathroom look modern and inviting. Matching the finishes to the bathroom, as well as the shape of the tub being a factor can all help you pick a bathtub that suits the room.

Being careful to choose the right bathtub can take some time when you're limited with the options for only walk-in tubs. With safety being the priority for choosing a walk-in tub, the above tips can help you make sure the tub still fits what you want for your home.

For more information about installing walk-in bathtubs, contact a local installation service.