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Own Several Cats? Remodel A Bathroom To Better Accommodate Their Needs

by Camila Holland

If you are living in a house that you own with multiple cats, you may always be thinking about how you can improve their lives. When you have already invested in cat furniture and picked up a wide variety of toys to make them happy, you may be ready to make permanent changes.

Although you can work on almost any room to lead to a better experience for you and your cats, you should consider hiring bathroom remodelers to work on a few unique projects.

Litter Box

Since you own several cats, you may have multiple litter boxes set up around the house. However, you may know that most of these boxes are out in the open or easy to see. If you want to do a better job of concealing at least one litter box, you should add a built-in one to the bathroom.

This is something that you can accomplish by adding another vanity and using the area underneath the vanity top as a litter box. You can even get creative with remodeling professionals to add small entryways that your cats can fit through to keep the inside as concealed as possible.

By going with this kind of setup, you can minimize how much odor leaves the litter box area. However, since some odor is likely inevitable, you may prefer to experience it in the bathroom compared to other rooms throughout the house such as your bedroom or the living room.


While living in a climate that reaches freezing temperatures, you may know that your house can get quite cold at times. Although you can rely on the heating system to keep the house comfortable, you may notice that the floors are still cold to the touch. This makes it worth investing in radiant floor heating for the bathroom to give your cats a warm place to relax.

Cat Door

If you make plans to add a built-in litter box and radiant floor heating to the bathroom, you should add a cat door to give them access to the room without leaving the interior door open. If you are not sure where to put a cat door, you can get remodelers to come up with several ideas.

When you want to make your place more accommodating for your cats, you cannot go wrong with taking on these home bathroom renovation projects that can help out in a few ways.