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4 Great Ideas For Your Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

by Camila Holland

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen, and looking to take the opportunity to make your kitchen cabinets unique? If so, it will help to know these 4 great ideas for customizing those cabinets. 

Spice Rack Cabinet & Drawers

Everyone is used to having their spice rack on their kitchen counter so that it is easily accessible. Unfortunately, this takes up precious counter space for something that you only need access to for a brief moment. It is possible to install a spice rack cabinet or drawer to store all those spice containers in. 

When built as a cabinet, it is a thin cabinet that is only deep enough to store a single spice bottle so that you do not have to dig out behind it. This can often be built into a wall where you do not need deep cabinet space. When built as a drawer, it is a very thin drawer that is no wider than a cabinet, and located close to the main prep area. 

Pots And Pans Cabinet

Do your current pot and pans go into a cabinet where you have to find the item you are looking for buried underneath everything inside? You may want to create a pots and pan cabinet. What makes it unique is that there is a slide out drawer at the top of the cabinet with hooks, and each pot and pan is hanging by its handle. It allows you to easily grab the item that you want with ease, and no need to bend down and dig into a dark cabinet. 

Large Utensil Drawer

Do you have the large container with various utensils on your countertop, like spatulas, whisks, and things like that? It is another item taking up counter space when it could be hidden. Consider upgrading to a more vertically orientated large utensil drawer. The narrow drawer has built in containers that hold the utensils upright and allow you to easily grab what you want and push everything back into the cabinet and out of sight. 

Cooking Sheet Cabinet

What do you do with those large baking sheets, cutting boards, and cooling racks that are very large and thin? Put all those things cooking sheets and trays into a custom designed drawer to save space. It is narrow and has slots for those sheets to fit into so that they are vertical and easy to grab when you need them.