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Transform Your Kitchen From A Neutral To Bold Color Palette With The 3 Following Updates

by Camila Holland

Giving your kitchen an update with a new color can make a big impact on how new it looks and how much you enjoy cooking or spending time entertaining guests with meals at home. When your kitchen has had a relatively neutral look for years, it may not be very visually interesting, making a bold color palette something that could be appealing to you.

Instead of rushing into just any remodeling to bring in more color, consider the following projects that can help give your kitchen the colorful look that you've been wanting.

Replace the Backsplash

An easy way to update your kitchen so that it's more colorful without a ton of work involved is to have the backsplash replaced. Whether this means getting a colorful tile backsplash installed or painting behind the countertops, you'll have the opportunity to drastically change the look of your kitchen due to how much space it takes up.

Consider All the Finishes

The finishes in the kitchen, including a sink faucet and hardware on the cabinetry, can all contribute to how your kitchen looks. Switching from a brushed silver to brass, for example, can make a big difference in the way your kitchen looks and help you avoid your kitchen looking outdated or poorly decorated when you want to update the colors.

Replacing some of the finishes in the kitchen can allow you to make a big improvement in the kitchen and help make sure that the finishes suit any other colors you add, such as painted walls or new textiles for towels.

Have the Cabinets Painted

One of the changes that can make the biggest difference in the way your kitchen turns out is having the cabinetry painted. Instead of painting the cabinets just any color you like, you'll need to carefully have them removed, sanded, cleaned, and painted a new color that suits the other features in your kitchen. Since the cabinetry is one of the major focus areas in the kitchen, you'll have the opportunity to greatly update the way your kitchen looks with the cabinets painted.

Bringing in new colors for your kitchen can make the space feel entirely different, making it useful to explore your options and see for yourself which colors fit in best and what you focus on during remodeling. Knowing how to get started with picking areas to paint can help you feel good about bringing in new colors so that your kitchen doesn't look as neutral after the painting is finished.

For more information, contact a kitchen remodeling service in your area.