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Replacing Your Mobile Home's Bathtub? 3 Things To Know

by Camila Holland

Most mobile home manufacturers have made vast improvements in the fixtures, materials, and construction techniques they use over the past few decades. This is apparent when looking at new models, which now seem much more similar to the standard, stick-built ones used in residential housing. 

Those who live in an older mobile home often work to upgrade the interior during their occupancy by replacing inferior or shoddy finishes and fixtures with those of higher quality. The bathtub is often near the top of the list for these homeowners. If you are ready to replace a broken or substandard bathtub in your older mobile home, here are three things to consider before starting the job. 

The condition of the flooring

If the reason for replacing your bathtub is that your current one is broken or cracked, the flooring beneath it may also be damaged by moisture and in need of replacement. Since this renovation work will have to be done after the old tub is removed and before a new one can be installed, it is wise to plan ahead for this possibility, including the possible extent of the damage and the potential cost of replacing the floor, subfloor, insulation, and any structural components that may be involved. 

The weight and size of the new bathtub

One of the most common reasons why owners of mobile homes choose to replace their existing bathtubs is that their old one is made of lightweight plastic that feels flimsy or that it is too small for comfortable use. Both of these factors will have to be considered when choosing the replacement for your bathtub and arranging to have it installed. Heavier materials, such as porcelain or fiberglass, and larger, deeper designs will require taking additional space from the room and finding a way to safely support the substantial filled weight of the tub without risking damage to the structure of the mobile home.

The way the bathtub will be supported

Most mobile home bathtubs are supported either by using a thick layer of styrofoam or by a series of legs, usually made of heavy plastic, which will allow the tub to rest above the level of the floor. The type of support you will need for your new bathtub installation will depend on whether or not plumbing pipes are installed in the space below the tub's bottom. 

Installing a new bathtub in an older mobile home offers more difficulty and room for error than most DIY homeowners are qualified to handle. To get the expert help you need for this project, contact a reputable bathtub replacement service in your area.