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3 Unique Ideas To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

by Camila Holland

From replacing countertops and flooring to upgrading your appliances, remodeling your kitchen can be a great investment for your home and family's needs. Of course, choosing what and how to make these updates can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you do not know where to start. With these ideas, you can get started creating an appealing, functional, and valuable kitchen that suits your needs.

Open Shelves

There are many options to consider if you want to change your kitchen cabinets. You can replace them completely or you can refinish or reface them using paint and new hardware. However, more and more people are opting to replace portions of their cabinets with open shelving.

Open shelving, made out of wood, glass, or even metal, can provide you with a space to store AND display your dishes, glassware, and decorative accessories. Consider open shelving to replace the main section of your cabinets, which may sit around your kitchen sink, or as a small accent in the breakfast nook area.

Mixed Colors and Materials

Another unique idea to consider is using a mixture of colors and materials to remodel the kitchen.

One of the most interesting ways to mix up colors is with your cabinets. For example, create a two-tone look with upper cabinets in one color and lower cabinets in an entirely different wood finish or color. If you have an island in your kitchen, consider painting it a unique color that pops out from the rest of your kitchen cabinets.

Mixing up materials is also possible if you want to add appeal and texture to your kitchen. Instead of using all granite for your countertops and island, choose a different material, such as wood or stainless steel, for your island's surface.

Instead of traditional, painted drywall on the walls, install shiplap or reclaimed wood pieces on one section of your kitchen. This will add a rustic touch without overwhelming the space.

Bold Appliances

Many builders prefer black, white, or stainless-steel appliances, since they are neutral and appeal to most buyers. When remodeling your kitchen, think outside the box when choosing color and finishes for your appliances.

A slate-like finish that resembles stainless steel, but is easier to clean and maintain, is very popular for homeowners. Also, some luxury appliance manufacturers are offering stoves and refrigerators in bright and bold shades, such as royal blue, yellow, or even red, if you want to add a bit of surprise to your kitchen.

The possibilities are endless when you are starting your kitchen remodel. This guide will give you a few unique ideas to consider. For more ideas or professional implementation, call a company like  AWS Remodeling and Design.