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Six Things You Can Do To Get Ready For Your Granite Countertop Installation

by Camila Holland

It's important that you prepare properly prior to countertop installation to ensure that the procedure goes as smoothly and affordably as possible. The following are six things you can do to get your home ready for your granite countertop installation:

Plan out logistics to help the installers make things easier

You know your home better than your countertop installers will. Therefore, you should help plan things out for the installers by identifying important resources like the closest entrance to your kitchen for bringing in materials. 

Be prepared to have your kitchen out of service for a while

It goes without saying that you're not going to be able to use your kitchen for a while during your installation. You need to plan any cooking tasks or any other tasks that take place in your kitchen around your installation schedule.

Consider eating out for all your meals on installation day so that you don't need to access your kitchen at all while the installers are at work.

Get kids, pets, and any other interference out of the way

If you have pets and kids, you should realize that all the activity in your kitchen is likely to arouse their curiosity. You therefore need to prevent pets and kids from interfering with the installation work. When possible, send your kids away for the day and block your pets into another part of your home so that they won't be able to access your kitchen.

Clear all clutter out of your kitchen

Any accessories you have around your kitchen like dishes, wall hangings, silverware, and other cooking supplies could get in the way during installation. It's best to clear as much clutter as possible out of the kitchen entirely to clear the way for installers. 

Have towels and tarps ready to put down

Protecting your floors and other surfaces with tarps and towels can prevent damage during the installation. You should have towels and tarps ready to put down over any areas that installers will be walking and working over. 

Protect fragile and valuable possessions

One of the most important things you should do is clear any fragile or valuable possession out of the way of the installers. Installers will be carrying bulky materials throughout your house that could strike furniture pieces and other valuable possessions and create damage if an accident occurs. 

You can prevent possible damage to your valuables by clearing them out of not only your kitchen but also any other areas between your home's entrance and the kitchen.