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Refacing Vs. Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Camila Holland

The front of your kitchen cabinets are going to endure the most wear and tear. That is, the face frame, the doors, the drawer fronts, the hardware, and the hinges are going to need to be replaced before the actual cabinet needs to be fixed. The cabinet box, which is usually secured to a wall, is usually sturdy, made out of strong paint grade wood, and doesn't get touched that often. It is these decorative features that get the most usage. It is also these decorative fronts that really give your cabinet their style.

Refacing Your Cabinets

The face of your cabinet, as it gets older, can date the room and make it look out of style. So, it is understandable why cabinet refacing is so popular. Cabinet refacing basically means removing and replacing all of the decorative front of the cabinet. By maintaining the main cabinet box, and just replacing the doors, drawers, and other decorative features, the size of the project is so much smaller and more affordable.

Changing Your Style and Finish

Once the doors and drawers are professionally built in a cabinet shop, professionals can make the change in the matter of a day or two. Not only that, your cabinets can be restained or repainted so that they look completely different.

Your room will hardly be recognizable if you invest in a dramatic cabinet refacing. Since the cabinets are such heavily used and important part of your kitchen, it should be one of the first things you consider replacing if you want your room to look more modern and up to date.

The Cost of Refacing

Replacing all the cabinets in your kitchen can cost up to $20,000 (for a custom product). On the other hand, simply refacing your cabinets could cost less than $5000, and it essentially fixes all of the most prevalent problems you might be having with your kitchen.

Fixing the Most Common Cabinet Problems

If your hinges aren't working and your doors aren't closing properly, this will be fixed. If your drawers don't close and slide easily, this will be fixed. If the stain on your face frame is wearing down from people touching it, this will be fixed. Basically, you will have a better looking and easier to operate kitchen cabinet system, and you don't even need to demolish what you currently have in your kitchen. This is particularly useful for homeowners who don't want to change any of their kitchen appliances.

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