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How Do You Maintain A Vintage Look When Remodeling Your Antique Kitchen?

by Camila Holland

As it usually goes with older homes, there are certain points in the house that just radiate that undeniable vintage charm, and the kitchen is most definitely one of those rooms. If the kitchen in your old house is decked out with details like rustic woodwork, vintage cabinetry, and other noteworthy features, it can make it difficult to proceed with a remodel for fear of losing all that personality. Thankfully, if you follow a few rules, it is completely possible to remodel your old kitchen for functionality purposes and maintain all those details you love that make it have that yesteryear sort of appearance. 

Preserve the personality of the space by not making huge changes in floor layout. 

Old houses are fairly notorious for having sometimes odd floor plans. This is most often because the houses would start small as a room or two so a family could move right in, and then new rooms would be added as the owner could afford to make changes. If you have a kitchen that has an odd floor plan compared to the rest of the house, you should really work to preserve this quirky feature as much as possible. For example, if your kitchen is slightly offset from the dining room in a way that no modern home would be, keep this setup as is and work around it. 

Skip the modern implementations and build-ins in favor of more traditional setups. 

Walk into a modern kitchen and you'll find things like an inset range on a kitchen island, a refrigerator built into the cabinetry, and other fixtures that advances in architecture and engineering have afforded. While these things can be functional, you should limit the modern implementations if you want to keep your cozy vintage kitchen the same personality. All it takes is tucking in a few modern features to make the space almost unrecognizable as antique, so you do have to be careful. 

Highlight the old with the new additions to the kitchen space instead of overcrowding them. 

If there is lovely wooden trim on the walls, a stained-glass window over the sink, or a transom window over the entry door, for example, these are things you don't want to get lost during the remodel. It's perfectly fine to add new features, but make sure those new features don't visually overtake the space so those little small things don't get the proper attention. When you overshadow the charming details with big and fancy modern things, you can lose the personality of your vintage kitchen completely. 

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