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Choosing The Best Flooring Product For Your Bathroom

by Camila Holland

Bathroom remodels are certainly worthwhile. They represent a great return on your investment, because the design and state of a bathroom is closely looked at by home buyers. If you are going to invest in your own bathrooms in order to increase the overall value of your home, the bathroom is a great place to begin. There are obviously numerous great styles to choose from, but this article looks at the main differences between wood and ceramic flooring options.

Wood Products

Wood is highly sought after, but it obviously isn't the most practical in a wet bathroom environment. Raw wood should probably be avoided. If your floor gets wet all the time, and it is not properly cleaned, even the most durable wood product is going to need to be resealed and refinished very frequently. There are many wood products that come with permanent, laminated finishes. These finishes not only waterproof the wood, they are also permanent, so they never need to be reapplied. That being said, water can soak through the seams of the wood planks and compromise the lower layers of the wood. Of course, the longevity and durability of any wood product also depends on the quality of the installation and actual species you choose.

Ceramic Products

Ceramic products that have fake wood prints are a great solution for homeowners who want the style of wood but none of the upkeep. Basically, owning a ceramic floor is going to be much cheaper and easier than owning the natural product that it is made to look like. Whether you want the look of bamboo, pine, mahogany, or any of the various other popular flooring materials, there are many great ceramic alternatives. You might need to sacrifice a little bit of the authentic look, but this is well worth it when you consider how well ceramic holds up over the years. It is completely waterproof, and is much easier to maintain in the long run.

A real wood floor will require a little more maintenance than a comparable ceramic product. Homeowners are often willing to deal with the extra maintenance because they simply prefer the way it looks. But if you want the look of real wood on your bathroom floors, you might as well invest in it, rather than choosing a synthetic material that has a fake wood finish. It might require some more upkeep, but it is nothing too serious. Contact your bathroom remodeling contractor for more information on the best flooring option for your home bathroom remodel.