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8 Ways To Update Your Kitchen While Saving

by Camila Holland

A makeover of a kitchen is possible for any budget. Making smart choices from start to finish can lead to an updated kitchen that is within your financial boundaries. To help you save money on your kitchen remodeling project and get the look you want, here are a few tips.

  1. Create a design plan. It might seem like hiring a professional designer to help create a design plan is a waste of money, but he or she can help with making decisions from the start that can help you save money. His or her plan considers every single aspect of the remodeling to help avoid unexpected expenses.
  2. Keep your cabinets. A kitchen remodel does not have to include buying new cabinets. You could save thousands by simply refinishing your cabinets and adding new hardware.
  3. Choose scratch and dent appliances. New appliances are one of the most expensive parts of the kitchen remodeling. Sometimes, local home improvement and appliances stores will offer discounts on items that are slightly scratched or dented. You can likely hide any defects with other items in your kitchen.
  4. Add more lighting. Lighting can not only help to brighten your kitchen, but it can become part of the décor. For instance, the addition of under-cabinet lighting can highlight an updated and stylish backsplash while giving you a clearer view of the countertop as you work.
  5. Choose laminate or butcher block. One of the priciest items in the kitchen is the countertop. Granite and marble can be expensive. Laminate countertops can mimic both materials. A butcher block can provide a classic look while helping you to save.
  6. Shop for remnant stone. If you want the granite countertop, shop for remnants. Remnants can give you just enough to complete your kitchen and save money. You can even opt for tiles to stay within your budget.
  7. Use the leftovers. Throughout the project, you will have some materials left over. Instead of tossing them, find other uses for them. For instance, you can create a cutting board from leftover granite pieces.
  8. Install vinyl flooring. Some homeowners miss out on savings by opting for hardwood flooring. Vinyl flooring has been significantly advanced. It can now mimic hardwood flooring and is highly durable.

Your designer and contractor can help with pinpointing other ways to save on your kitchen remodeling project. If you are doing the project yourself, consider consulting with pros to learn the best options for your kitchen.