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Remodeling Ideas For A Galley Kitchen

by Camila Holland

Galley kitchens can be short on space, but with the right remodeling ideas, you can create a stunning new look wile providing all the room you need to prepare your favorite meals. Here are a few ideas you can use to maximize space and make the most out of your galley kitchen.

Install A Microhood

Microwaves take up a lot of counter space, which is something that might be at a premium in your galley kitchen. Instead, consider replacing your existing ventilation hood setup with a microhood. This provides a handy place above your stove for your microwave, making use of the vertical space in your kitchen. Microhoods come with fans just like your old ventilation hood, so you can still filter out smoke and odors while you cook.

Build A Counter On An Empty Wall

If your galley kitchen has a blank wall at the end, consider building a counter that connects your two longer counters. This new counter can provide a place to prep foods, or it can be used as a small breakfast bar with the addition of two counter-height stools. The counter can match your existing countertops, or you can choose a wooden shelf for an easy DIY addition to the room. Consider installing shelves above the counter as well to create additional storage space in your small kitchen.

Add Cabinets Above Your Breakfast Bar

Some galley kitchens feature a breakfast bar running the length of the kitchen. This setup is used when the kitchen opens up to the dining room or living room, but it also eliminates some available cabinet space. Get your storage space back by installing cabinets above the breakfast bar area. Your remodeling contractor can help you to select the right cabinet size that still lets you use this area for dining while giving you the space you need to store food or china. You can also install long cabinets at either end of the counter to create small pantry storage areas.

Choose White As Your Decor Color

Dark colors can make small spaces seem even smaller, so consider giving your kitchen a color remodel. Choose white cabinets and floors, and opt for a contrasting counter in gray or black. The crisp, white color can help to make your narrow galley kitchen feel more open and airy. Add lighting fixtures with frosted white shades to complete the new look of your kitchen.

Talk to your remodeling contractor about your project or visit a site like, and consider hiring a designer to help you create the perfect galley kitchen for your home.