Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Space

Add Bench-Style Seating To Your Kitchen Table

by Camila Holland

One of the ways that you can transform the look of your kitchen is to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to address the seating solutions. Generally, you'll have a smallish kitchen table with a series of chairs around it. This setup can certainly work, but it might be time to make a change that improves the look or even the functionality of the space. Building bench-style seating against one of the kitchen walls so that you can remove some of the chairs around the table is an exciting project to have completed in your kitchen. Here are some reasons that you'll appreciate this new setup.

It Allows For More Space

When you have a bench along one wall in the dining area of your kitchen, you should be able to push the kitchen table toward the bench. Whereas people who use chairs need a significant amount of space behind their chair to slide it out upon sitting down at the table and getting up from it, this isn't the case with bench-style seating. With a bench, your family members will simply slide along the length of the bench until they're where they want to be. By pushing the table toward the bench a little, you'll free up more space in your kitchen.

It's Easier To Clean Around

When you're vacuuming your kitchen, one of the biggest time investments involves vacuuming around the kitchen table. To do the job thoroughly, you'll need to pull out each of the chairs and vacuum beneath them, and then slide the chairs back into place. The time that you spend doing this job each time you vacuum is time that you'll save once your remodeling contractor has completed your bench-style seating. You'll be able to easily vacuum around the bench, especially if it's solid to the floor and doesn't have open space beneath it.

It Provides More Storage

Many homeowners find that they don't have enough storage space in the kitchen, but the construction of bench-style seating can rectify this issue. Your remodeling contractor can take a couple different approaches in regards to storage. One idea is to build the bench with a hinged top. The top can then be opened and kitchen items can be stored inside the bench. Another option is to have slide-out drawers in the base of the bench. Even if the drawers are small, they'll help you to store some kitchen items.