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Three Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

by Camila Holland

Remodeling your bathroom can increase both the enjoyment of your home as well as the property value. Although the bathroom is a small room, it can be a big job to remodel it. That's why you want to make sure you do it right. The following are three major mistakes and how to avoid them.

#1: Getting rid of the bathtub

You may only dream of a shower – perhaps a large model with a built in bench and and overhead shower nozzle that mimics rainfall. Unfortunately, if the bathroom you are remodeling is the only one in the house with a bathtub, you will be compromising your home's value if you get rid of it. This is because many home buyers want at least once bathtub in the home, whether for themselves or because they have children. If there is a second bathroom with a tub, go ahead and put in your dream shower. Otherwise, compromise and find a tub-shower combination that closely fits into your vision of the perfect bathroom.

#2: Refinishing instead of replacing

Often, people try to save money by refinishing or trying to give something a facelift instead of replacing. This can be a major mistake. In many cases, the old items have lost their waterproof coating and are more prone to moisture damage. After a few months, the new finish begins to peel and blister. This is often a concern with cabinets, vanity stands, mirror frames, and old tile grout. Instead, invest in new updated fixtures. They will last longer and they provide a much more modern look in the bathroom.

#3: Following trends

Trends can be fun, but you should never go trendy when it is the permanent fixtures in the bathroom. Things that are easy to update, like paint color, towels, artwork, and shower curtains should be the only items that utilize on point trends. Otherwise, opt for more classical options when it comes to permanent fixtures, such as the tub and surround, sink and vanity, and tile. Chances are you have seen an obviously outdated bathroom, such as one with a pink toilet or brown and gold tiling. Remember, it only took a few years before these once hot designs started to look tired and old. Consider your bathroom remodel and investment, and plan for it to look good for many years.

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