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Planning A Whole House Renovation? 5 Tips To Survive And Thrive During The Process

by Camila Holland

Any remodel project can be difficult to manage while keeping the rest of your life operating normally, but a whole house renovation is doubly so. While the end result will be a practically new house that you'll love, surviving it often requires planning ahead to make the most of this time. Here are 5 tips for doing just that.

Be Somewhere Else. One of the best ways to live through a major remodel is to find somewhere else to live during this time. In some cases, construction may actually render it impossible to live there for certain periods of time. But even if you can muddle through, you may find doing so is too stressful, especially if you have children or are self-employed. 

Make a New Home. If you can't move out during the renovations, try to create separate living quarters that you can enjoy without too much interruption. Many home builders can help you set up a temporary kitchen in the garage, for example, so you can maintain quality of life and keep the family's routine in place. Make use of outdoor spaces to replace things like the indoor living room, kitchen, or dining room. 

Use Expertise. Trust the experience of your remodel contractor or home builders when it comes to things like materials choice, timelines, and design. Although many homeowners can learn a lot about renovation these days, contractors have the value of practical experience. Ask them what they would do, and listen to their advice. Home builders are there to make your vision come true, but moving ahead against their advice can cause more headaches and wasted time.

Don't Make Changes. Once you start the work, avoid changing your mind unnecessarily. The timeline and budget of your remodel project are based on the decisions you've already made, and every alteration runs the risk of delaying the project. While some changes or additional work may become necessary when you run into something unexpected, save such things for when they're really required.

Plan Ahead. When working with your builder to map out renovations, plan ahead for the future as well. If you think you'll want to add an outdoor kitchen or outside fireplace later, for example, you may want to install a larger gas meter now. Interested in adding solar panels as their cost comes down? Plan for it while things are torn up already. In short, if you have any future phases in mind, save yourself the trouble later and make preparations now. 

By following these few suggestions as you plan and begin your whole home remodel, you can help ensure the smoothest transition and enjoy the best result later on.