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Boost The Visual Appeal Of Your Kitchen By Installing These Unique Cabinet Handles

by Camila Holland

Hiring a remodeling contractor to replace the cabinets in your kitchen can dramatically change the look of this part of your home. However, if you're still saving up the funds for a project of this magnitude, you can give the cabinets a minor facelift on your own by changing the handles. Generally, it's easy to grab a screwdriver and remove the old handles from your cabinet, which are typically held in place by one or two screws. Then, you can look for creative handles at your local home supply store or even online, and mount the new hardware with ease. Here are some unique cabinet handles that you may be able to find:

Utensil Shapes

One fun way to change the handles in your kitchen is to look for handles shaped as common kitchen utensils. Many kitchen supply stores sell handles shaped like forks, knives, and spoons, and you can commonly find these accessories in a variety of finishes that can suit the overall look of your kitchen. It's sensible to attach these handles to the cabinet drawers that hold your utensils, although you may wish to use them throughout, given their suitability in the kitchen. You can find such handles that look small and classy or those that are brightly colored and vibrant, so you shouldn't have difficulty finding the look that suits your taste.

Wine Bottle Shapes

If you're a wine lover, you might think of entertaining the idea of kitchen cabinet handles that are shaped like wine bottles. These, too, are readily available and you shouldn't have trouble finding them in a kitchen supply store or from an online retailer. If you have one or more cabinets in your kitchen that you use for storing wine bottles, wine glasses, or other wine-related accessories, it's a perfect match to replace their handles with these eye-catching handle alternatives.

Ocean-Themed Shapes

If you live next to the water, it's common to have several design elements throughout your home that reflect your location. Another way that you can tie your kitchen into this theme is with ocean-themed handle shapes. You can find handles shaped like fish, shells, or starfish in higher-end finishes such as pewter, stainless steel, and brushed aluminum. If you have children, you might even wish to look for plastic ocean-themed shapes for their amusement — for example, different shapes of fish in vibrant colors such as orange and blue.

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