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Benefits Of Using Granite For Your Bathroom Vanity

by Camila Holland

When it comes to custom home building, one of the major considerations is how to design the master bathroom. This is a hard-working space, so you may spend a lot of time considering layout and amenities such as a walk-in shower and freestanding bathtub. However, you'll eventually get to the detail of your bathroom vanity — specifically what material to use for the countertop. In fact, granite is an ideal material for your bathroom vanity because of the unique properties of this natural stone.

Durability of Granite

As Better Homes and Gardens points out, granite is considered the most durable natural stone available for countertops. Granite is naturally hard, which means it's not susceptible to scratches and chips. It's also very heat-resistant, which is ideal if you place a hot hairstyling tool on the surface. What's more, granite is a non-porous material. Not only does this make is resistant to mold, mildew, and staining, it's water-resistant. This is especially true if you choose a high-gloss finish — honed and leather finishes are a bit more porous.

Wide Color and Pattern Selection

Between background colors, pattern colors, and pattern designs, granite style choices are almost unlimited. Granite comes in numerous base colors, with beige, black, brown, gray, and white being the most common.  Blue, gold, green, pink, and red are also color options, though they are more statement colors. Black and gray are suitable for a contemporary bathroom — pair them with lighter cabinetry. Warm hues such as beige, brown, and gold create a homey appeal in traditional style bathrooms.

The coloration and patterning in granite largely comes from the crystals that make up the stone. For instance, mica adds a metallic luster and offers shades of silver, black, violet, brown, and pink. Feldspar can create bright hues such as blue, pink, orange, and yellow, though the dark version is responsible for black granite.

Customization Options

Once you've settled on your preferred color and pattern, you can further customize granite with the finish and the edging. The most common finish for granite countertops is glossy. High-gloss granite features a polished, reflective surface that best showcases the coloration and patterning. A honed finish is still smooth, but it's not shiny and reflective. With a leather finish, fabricators rub diamond-tipped brushes across the surface to create a textured look.

Granite countertops are commonly finished with an eased edge, which is a simple style that conforms to most décor. Beveled and round edges are also classic. For a spa-style bathroom, you may want slightly more decorative edging, such as bullnose or ogee. Waterfall is an elaborate edging option that's suitable for a glamourous bathroom.

Choose granite for the vanity material to add value to your master bathroom. Contact a remodeling company, likeHess Homes, for more help.