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Remodeling A Basic Kitchen In Your Starter Home? Add Features That Help With Selling

by Camila Holland

Living in your forever home means you can remodel your kitchen with only your personal preferences in mind because you will be using the space for the rest of your life. But when it comes to making changes to a kitchen in a starter home, you will also want to think about selling your home in the future. While you could add features such as a three-bowl kitchen sink and a pasta water faucet, they are less likely to have the same kind of impact on selling the property when compared to other possible improvements. So you should combine what is desirable by most homeowners and what you want to remodel your kitchen.

Reverse Osmosis System

Some people do not worry that much about drinking tap water, but you will also come across buyers who are determined to always have filtered water. It is possible to buy several gallons of filtered water at the store and refill them later, but it is tough to use the water for cooking as it will run out so fast. By adding a reverse osmosis system, you can get filtered water in your kitchen to use for drinking and cooking.

Stone Countertop

Another feature that will be sure to impress buyers is stone countertops. Butcher block and laminate are some other types that are commonly found in kitchens, but they do not provide the same longevity or low upkeep that granite or quartz countertops are able to provide. It may require a decent initial investment, but you will recoup the majority of what you spend and you will get to enjoy the stone for a long time. You can maximize savings by waiting until you find stone on clearance and then doing the remodel.


When it comes to maintaining a home, many homeowners do not want to worry about washing all the dishes by hand. So they will appreciate when they walk into a home and see a dishwasher. If you are living in a three to four-bedroom house, you need to make enough space for a standard-sized dishwasher because while fitting in a compact one may be easier, it will not provide ample dish capacity. This is a feature that you will get to enjoy and save time with until the day that you move out of the home.

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