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Remodeling Ideas That Will Help A Basement To Look Roomy

by Camila Holland

In some homes, an unfinished basement can seem like a dark and uninviting space, which may result in your family members rarely using it. This would be a shame, given that your basement may measure several hundred square feet of space that you and your family should be enjoying. If you've set a little money aside to work on your home, it's ideal to invest in the look of your basement. A number of projects can transform the look of this part of your home, but you should be cognizant about keeping the space as roomy as possible. As you finish the basement with a ceiling and drywall for the walls, the area may begin to seem a little smaller. Here are some ideas that will help the basement look and feel roomy.

Keep The Ceiling High

A suspended ceiling is a common type of ceiling to have installed in your basement, but there are different styles of suspended ceiling to consider. You want the ceiling to hang as high off the ground as possible. The lower the ceiling, the more cramped the space can feel. Additionally, you should think about recessed lighting in the ceiling, rather than using lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling. The latter creates clutter overhead that can make you feel that the basement is smaller than it is, while the former allows for a roomier feel.

Add Windows

Many basements are devoid of windows entirely, and a basement with even one or two windows can feel dark. Dark spaces in your home tend to feel smaller than they are, so it's worthwhile to add one or two more windows. This job might seem major, but it's relatively simple for a remodeling contractor. Although basement windows tend to be smaller than ground-floor windows, they provide a valuable source of light for the space to help it feel roomy.

Finish It In Light Colors

You have the choice of what colors you'll use for your basement project, but it's generally a good idea to keep them on the lighter side. Dark colors tend to make a space feel cramped, which is a bad idea if you're already struggling with a shortage of natural light. Have a remodeling contractor, such as JF Improvements in Milwaukee, WI, paint the walls in a light shade; white baseboards and molding can also brighten the look of the basement. Whether you're putting down laminate flooring, tile, or even carpet, lighter shades are also beneficial.